Saturday, November 1, 2014

'Tis the Season - Blog Hop

Happy November! For me, today officially kicks off the holiday season, so it's fitting that this month's theme is " 'Tis the Season." Thanksgiving is coming up soon, then Christmas & New Year and all the wonderful celebrations just make me SO happy! As much as you might hear me complain about the cold weather (and snow! Ugh. Give me back my California weather!) I really do love this time of year. There's so much to celebrate and so many excuses to CREATE!

So today, I want to show off -- er, share with you -- some of the fun things I've been creating that really encapsulate what Fall is to me. No cards this time, but plenty of other creative, fun things to get your brain going.

First up: Baking! Nothing says Fall quite like lots of delicious baking! Today's recipe was a decadent chocolate cupcake and dark chocolate frosting for my friend's birthday. Yum!

Oh, and see the festive Fall vase? Yeah, I made that. I covered a dollar-store vase with some thick jute and filled it with dollar-store flowers. I love it!

I also love decorating for Fall! Here's the "Thanks" banner I made last year. It fits perfectly in the empty wall space between my living room bookcase and the kitchen.

And the pumpkins! I love pumpkins! Yet again, this is a dollar-store find. (Ok, so I didn't make anything here, but I did arrange it.)

Do you remember the Spring Wreath I made way back in January? Well, after having it hang around our apartment (pun intended) for months -- including through our move this summer -- I finally pulled it back out. The paper flowers, though cute, had faded from being hung in sunlight for months. So I ripped them off and added -- guess what! -- more dollar store flowers! I absolutely LOVE the burlap and fall colors, don't you?! It makes me SO happy every time I come home :)

Last but not least, Fall makes me think of cozy things. Someday, I might learn to (have the patience to) knit or crochet, but for now, I've got my trusty little sewing machine. I whipped this pillow out in just about an hour, start to finish. It's the pop of pattern I've been wanting in my craft room since before I even moved in here!

What's YOUR favorite part of fall? Have any fun crafts up your sleeves? Hop on through to see what else our fabulous bloggers have to inspire you today!