Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Challenge!

Every week, the lovely folks over at Freshly Made Sketches post a sketch challenge. What that means is they give a basic layout for a card, and anyone who wants to participate simply makes a card based on their sketch, posts it on their own blog, and links it to the week's challenge. Then the FMS ladies pick their favorites and award the winners! How fun is that! They've got some GREAT ideas over there; you can scroll through past challenges and see how different people interpret the sketches. If you're ever looking for some inspiration, check them out!

The reason I bring this all up is -- This week, I'll be participating! Whatever challenge they pose, I'll make a card and post it here. It's a great way to get your creative juices flowing, and it helps to push me out of my little tiny comfort zone and into trying something new. Having a layout provided makes it a lot easier to jump in and get started. Why don't you try out this week's challenge, too? Anyone is welcome to join!

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