Saturday, June 14, 2014

My new crafting space!

Surprise! I'm blogging again -- and it's not even a blog hop! In my post earlier this month, I showed off the new catalog, but I have to tell ya, I wasn't most excited about the catalog that day. What I was really really excited about was my new apartment. More specifically, my new craft room! My FIRST craft room!

Before I show you the wonderful new space (and it is wonderful), let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? This is my previous setup:

Whenever I felt like getting crafty, I had to take over the entire living room - couch, coffee table, floor, shelving, even the TV! (I like background noise when I craft.) It worked, sure, but it was not ideal. I mean, c'mon, my beautiful Big Shot was basically a craft troll -- living under the coffee table until someone needed it:

But now! Now, things are wonderful. Take a look:

Ta-da! I freaking LOVE this room! It just inspires me to get creative. That might be from all the WORK I put into this baby. I really do feel like it's my baby -- I'm ridiculously proud of the room and always want to show it off and tell people all about it. I painted the walls (a color that is almost exactly Pool Party, by happy accident, my favorite SU color); sanded & painted the chair (a yardsale find - only $2!!); and stripped, sanded, and painted (then reassembled -- ugh!) that monster of a desk. This was my first time EVER doing any project like this, and I have to say: I feel so proud of myself!

Ok. Brag session over. I'm just so excited to have a big, open, inspiring space to create! There's a closet in that room, too, in which I plan to hang/store my costuming experiments. I'm sure you'll hear more about that in the coming months, as Comic Con is on my radar and I have a very detailed costume in my sights. (We'll see if my ambition lives up to my vision.) (Spoiler alert: probably not.)

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