Friday, September 12, 2014

Craft Room Update

A lot has changed around our apartment since I posted pictures of my new craft space (way back in June!), so I wanted to give you an update -- and show off a bit :)

Now, you'll please excuse the clutter. This *is* a creating space, after all, and creating things always involves making a mess along the way! When you last saw the craft room, it was painted and kinda furnished, but that's all. It had spunk, but no personality yet. Well, now it's got plenty of personal touches, and I absolutely freaking LOVE this room! Check it out:

I found this adorable red clock at Target for about $8 - what a deal! And it perfectly matches the color scheme I wanted in the room!

We've brought in a small TV (for my hubby to play video games on occasionally) and added another small dresser to hold craft stuff. My old plastic cart, which used to be home to practically ALL my stamp stuff? Yeah, it's gone :)  

My desk! I got this desk off KSL for about $40. It was originally blond "wood" laminate, but I knew I wanted a big white desk in this space. So I dismantled, sanded, primed, painted, and finished the WHOLE DANG THING. It took hours and hours, it seemed, but in the end it is SO worth it. I love this desk and all the lightness it brings into the room. (Though I *am* constantly wiping it down and scrubbing little specks off it.... oh, white furniture...)

I (finally) fixed the drawers on it, which I had mounted incorrectly when we assembled the desk at midnight (UGH, was THAT a mistake....) so now at least they sit right. The sides of the drawers are painted bright red, matching the chair, so when you open them you get a fun "pop" of color!

Oh, and see the posters? We found some really great, nerdy prints on Etsy and framed them up in matching frames to hand across that big empty wall over the desk. There's a Firefly, Doctor Who, and Megaman poster there.

Remember how I said the room has lots of personality now? Yeah, it's a NERDY personality, and I love it. We've got a plush little Kirby sitting on the desk to keep me company while I create, and we're working on making a gallery wall with fan-art prints we got at Comic Con earlier this month. Along with the prints, our gallery will feature duct tape "paintings" done by my very own little brother. They're amazing! HE'S amazing!

I got a sewing machine! It makes me SO incredibly happy to have a sewing machine of my very own!  After a few small "refresher" projects (a simple curtain panel, and a super-simple purse for my little cousin), I jumped right into making my costume for Comic Con. The shirt off to the right, there? That's sitting on a custom-made dress form! It's made entirely out of Duct Tape and pillow stuffing, and it probably cost about $15 to make. Win! I'll do a more detailed post on that soon, I promise.

Speaking of that costume... I have a portion of the closet in my craft room dedicated to costume materials! Here you can see the Loki cloak I made for Comic Con (in about a week, I might add...). I also made arm "bracers" to wear with the green shirt and black (pleather!) pants I bought to complete the look. Here you can see my costume. That's my super-talented little brother with me, and he made the Captain America shield I carried at Comic Con, too.

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